You've Got the Whole Land

In Your Hand


Fifty incompatible clays would have burst in the kiln had they merely been mixed before turning up the heat. In order to create a durable ceramic piece, we first blended together all 50 clays and then integrated the combined batch with a generic red clay similar in composition to that used by Navajo potters. It's never been done before ... well, maybe just once --- 25 years ago!

Price:   $22.95



Native clays from the fifty United States have been harvested and blended together. 

From this "porridge," scratched from America's rivers, forests, mountains, plains and deserts, a limited edition of one thousand American Eagle ceramic tiles was cast.  Each glazed tile is hand painted and numbered.

Each is accompanied by an affidavit of authenticity and a list of the 50 clay sources.           custom printing

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Recipe for The American Eagle Tile