How to help your kids learn numbers in french?

As you may know, counting is one of the first things that are taught while learning a foreign language, and the French language is not the exception. Even if it is not, that complicated for kids to memorize, instructors or parents should use the suitable ways to help them learn, otherwise counting can become quite a tough journey. Worry not! From reading a story to playing games or singing songs, there are plenty of ways to help kids learn numbers in French. And this is exactly what we are going to discover in today’s post.

Teach the basics

The very first thing in counting in French or in any other language is to start with the basics. Learning a whole bunch of numbers at once is not going to help them, especially if they have never been accustomed to the language. So, we would recommend you to start with numbers in french 1-100, for a beginning.  
In fact, if they get familiar with a certain pattern of numbers, figuring out and learning the remaining will be much easier. For example, if they have already learnt vingt-et-un (21), the average learner will immediately guess that 31 is trente-et-un and so on. Of course, numbers from 11 to 16 are a little bit tricky, so they will have to memorize these ones.

Play number songs

Learning something new becomes easier and quicker when you do it with fun, especially when it is with kids. They will show interest and will definitely love it if you use things like games, stories, etc. One of the ways that is highly recommended to teach effectively is to play songs. 
Those little treasures love songs above all, why don’t you take advantage of that in order to help them learn numbers in French? A funny fact is that children tend to memorize what they hear and see. As a result, playing meaningful materials (audios as videos) shall get the songs stuck in their brains for a while! Along with some repetition, this will ultimately stay.

Play number games

Who does not love games? At least, we know that kids love games! Introducing games in the teaching process is a treasure. This helps them have some fun while playing, though. For instance, you may set a number of students and each of them shall say a number between 1 and 16 in French.  
On the contrary, if you are alone at home with your kid, try to find number cards, pick one and ask him/her to tell you which one is it. One good answer worth 10 points. Ask your kid to do the same with you so that he/she can see that you are also involved in the game. At the end, make a summary of the points and find the winner. We bet your kids will beat you.

Practice french numbers with short stories

Last but not least on our list, learning to count with stories! This is a good way to keep the attention of your kids and to tease their listening capabilities. That being said, take a set of two to three stories with numbers and read them.  
You may try 10 moutons 9 dinosaures, by Maria Jalibert. There are many more stories that you can play, ask them to listen to and try to catch the numbers. Even if they do not understand the whole story, the whole thing here is all about finding the numbers.

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