Windows 10 won't start?  No reason to panic

You start your work or school day.  You’ve just had your coffee and started your desktop or laptop computer.  But instead of the familiar Windows 10 login screen, you see nothing.  It’s a modern ghost story: Windows 10 won’t boot.  Unfortunately, this is the reality more often than we would like.  How do you ensure that you can continue to work?  You can read it in this article.

Check power or battery

If your desktop or laptop does not boot completely, it may be due to the device’s power supply or battery.  Therefore, check if the power cable is properly inserted into the device.  Is the cable already in place?  Try unplugging the power completely.  Unplug the power cord and, in the case of a desktop power supply, turn off the power switch.

Before reconnecting power, press and hold the power button on your device for 10-30 seconds.  This is called “powercycling” and turns off all components of your desktop or laptop computer.  Then you connect the device to power and reboot.

Disconnect external equipment

Every desktop and laptop computer is connected to external equipment, such as a mouse or an Internet cable.  Turn off your device and unplug all connections to your device except for the power cable and the cable that connects the display to your desk (if it’s a desk).

Start your device and see if Windows 10 starts.  If your system boots completely, the problem is with one or more external devices.  To find out which it is, turn off the system.  Then connect one of the external devices and restart your device.

Boot into safe mode

Starting your desktop or laptop computer in safe mode means that Windows only starts with the programs that Windows really needs.  If Windows 10 starts after performing this step, the problem is with a recently installed program.  By uninstalling and restarting this program, Windows will restart.  “Choose an option” in the Windows Recovery screen.  When Windows 10 won’t start, the Windows recovery screen opens automatically after three starts.  If this screen does not open, you need a recovery drive on a USB flash drive.  To create this, you must have access to another device with Windows 10.

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